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French manufacturer of safety tools (non sparking and titanium tools)

Safety tools

Our sparking tools allow technicians to medium risk of fire or explosion to work safely.

Today, we have more than 2500 references tools for security.

Our non-sparking tools are used around the world in key industries such as:

  • oil, gas, petrochemical,
  • the manufacture of explosives, flammables,
  • distilleries, food processing industries,
  • the manufacture of paints,
  • demining, shipbuilding, aerospace, ...

Our products are available in three alloys to choose from:

Bronze Aluminium (Al-Br)

Standard quality

Beryllium copper (Be-Cu)

Beryllium Copper tools are top quality.

Titanium (Ti)

Nonmagnetic to work where there are strong magnetic fields (medical scanner, ...) and lightweight for work at height.

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Since 1985, the factory

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Quality control

Quality control tools ACB   Our engineers monitor all tools before approval.

Finish, hardness and composition of each unit are carefully controlled to ensure quality tools in the factory..